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La Casa Que Canta

What to PACK?
La Casa Que Canta
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What to PACK?
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Guidelines for packing for a trip to Costa Rica

~ Flashlight(s) - very important! (Hands free head lights are cool.)

~ Beach towels - (great for packing your surfboard) There are bath towels at the house, but no beach towels.

~ Bathing suits

~ Sunglasses

~ Rash guard for surfing

~ Shorts

~ T-shirts

~ Pants for horseback riding

~ Sandals/flip flops/TEVAS for walking in water 

~ Hiking shoes and socks

~ Other sports clothing

~ Sun hat

~ Sunscreen - can buy there, if needed

~ Bug spray - can buy there, if needed

~ Biodegradable (if possible) shampoo/soap bath stuff

~ Books, games and CD's

~ Speciality items you have to have... we all have a few of those

~ Rain coat - shell - not a warm jacket b/c even when it is raining it is warm out. This may not be necessary in the dry season.

~ To-go coffee cups - especially for dawn patrol... not a chance to get enough coffee on the go with out them. In fact, there still is no such thing as to go or fast food anywhere near Nosara.

NOTE: Costa Rica is very informal. Even the nicer restaurants welcome t-shirts and flip-flops.

Una propidad de Resplandor Verde de Barrio Santa Marta, un kilometro al noroeste de la plaza Desportes, Bocas de Nosara en Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica