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La Casa Que Canta

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La Casa Que Canta
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There is no shortage of good restaurants!
Here are a few of our favorites:

Near Santa Marta:

Kike's Pizzeria is finally open. It is on the road to the house just past the soccer field to the right.

The SODA across from the soccer field in town is open for cold drinks and bar snacks.

Behind the hills of Santa Marta is an authentic (really) ENGLISH PUB. The coolest place ever. It's called the Black Sheep and is worth finding!  Drive towards Ostional (i.e. do not cross back over the bridge to Nosara) and take your first right about 100 meters down the road.  Follow the road curving left along the Rio Nosara and take the first big left up the hill through what looks like castle gates. Wind up the hill for at least a mile on pretty rough dirt roads and turn right towards the large white building and into a big parking area. They are open Friday through Sunday only. ENJOY!

In Nosara:

We can recommend three wonderful and inexpensive restaurants to get a typical Tico meal. All three are on the road to downtown Nosara.

Pizzeria Rancho Campesino: Good food, and if you don't mind it chilled, one of the few places for a pretty good glass of vino tinto (red wine).

Rancho Tico: OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!! and you can catch the latest sports in the bar, too. Order the ceviche!

Las Iguanas Locas: The best casado in town. A casado is a typical meal that always has rice, beans, a salad and your choice of a meat, usually chicken, beef, pork or fish.

Beatle Bar: You won't see any Liverpuddians, but there is a big screen TV showing all the sports (and 5 small ones) and real rock n' roll to listen to.

And for you night owls (we can't seem to stay up past 9:00) there is a night club Disco Bar Tropicana. Usually goes off Fridays and Saturdays and is full of locals.

And towards Guiones:

Olga's @ Playa Pelada: Modest, typical and inexpensive food. A Tico hang out and one of the few places to eat at the beach.

La Luna. It's on the beach at Pelada too, but you'll find it following signs to Hotel Playas de Nosara. A bit pricey, though.

Pancho's Mexican Food: On the road to Pelada, good food and great Margaritas. They also have a good, small grocery store.

Lagarta Lodge: One of the best places to catch the sunset, and if you like raw fish...try their seafood fondue. You must reserve the fondue dinner one day in advance. Say Hi to Regina and Amadeus for us.

In Guiones:

Harbor Reef: The best burger in town, as well a full menu of American favorites, if you are feeling homesick. Also one of the few places to get a draft beer!

Cafe de Paris: They serve a mean pizza and on Friday nights they show an outdoor movie - it can get crowded, so make reservations.

Harmony:  A boutique hotel with all organic everything.  

Vista Paraiso:  Up the big hill in the Guiones - follow the signs with a big eye.  Debbie is an amazing chef and the view is impressive!

And just when you thought that was all...

There is a truly amazing yoga facility. See the below link:

Nosara Yoga Institute

And then there are 3 places that we know of to get on the internet:

The Frog Pad across from the Iguana. 

Cafe de Paris - the restaurant we mentioned earlier. Sometime there can be a wait, so this can be a place to have a drink while you are there.

And back to the Harbor Reef. They've got it all. Our home away from home away from home.

Other Activities

Bring a soccer ball...there is a field in Santa Marta and in every other town in Costa Rica.

Rent an ATV and go cruising. There are at least 4 places to rent an ATV built for two. VERY FUN - and dirty!

Una propidad de Resplandor Verde de Barrio Santa Marta, un kilometro al noroeste de la plaza Desportes, Bocas de Nosara en Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica